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Dear Wolves,

We’re happy to announce that we inaugurated our own Metal label, that we needed to conduct our album release with the care we feel necessary. Of course, our album is definitely confirmed for 2016.
Everything is not ready yet, but I can say that we’re working on epic merch, epic video content, and of course on creating the best musical universe we can.
Thank you for supporting us, we’ll bring more news as soon as possible :-)


Sep 24 2015

Full-length album

Hey Wolves !

The full-length album composition is finally reaching an end and the last song is being composed now.
There will be ten songs on it, and more than 50 minutes of Melodic Death Metal !
You can expect more diversity than on Know Thyself, the full-length format allowed us to create something way more complete than what we have done before.

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Jan 1 2015

Happy New Year !

We wish you an awesome 2015 year !

For this new year we wish you to try lots of new things, to fail miserably most of the time, and to meet a few successes that will make you proud and happier than ever before !

Dare to try, Wolves :-)


Oct 26 2014

First Gig : Checked !

Hey Wolves,

We finally played live for the very first time, and it was truly awesome !
The stage was a bit small so we couldn’t really move but the audience has been great and our sound was pretty good :-)
The live video is available on Youtube, enjoy and feel free to share your opinion with us !
Aephanemer – First Live @Le Petit Voisin

Oct 6 2014

October 24th

Hey Wolves,

Here we are, our first gig has been planned and will take place in Toulouse on October 24th  :-)
We’re so eager to finally play our songs live after months of preparation !
Unfortunately only a small part of you live near Toulouse, and yet we’d like to share this experience with all of you since you provided us a true support since the very first days of the band.

So, what ?

Well, we’re going to record this first gig and share it everywhere.
But that’s not all. More is coming. Soon. Already subscribed to the newsletter ?