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Jan 1 2015

Happy New Year !

We wish you an awesome 2015 year !

For this new year we wish you to try lots of new things, to fail miserably most of the time, and to meet a few successes that will make you proud and happier than ever before !

Dare to try, Wolves :-)


Oct 26 2014

First Gig : Checked !

Hey Wolves,

We finally played live for the very first time, and it was truly awesome !
The stage was a bit small so we couldn’t really move but the audience has been great and our sound was pretty good :-)
The live video is available on Youtube, enjoy and feel free to share your opinion with us !
Aephanemer – First Live @Le Petit Voisin

Oct 6 2014

October 24th

Hey Wolves,

Here we are, our first gig has been planned and will take place in Toulouse on October 24th  :-)
We’re so eager to finally play our songs live after months of preparation !
Unfortunately only a small part of you live near Toulouse, and yet we’d like to share this experience with all of you since you provided us a true support since the very first days of the band.

So, what ?

Well, we’re going to record this first gig and share it everywhere.
But that’s not all. More is coming. Soon. Already subscribed to the newsletter ?


Hey Wolves,

As you can see, Aephanemer finally has its real official website !
Well okay, some sections are empty for now but don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time.
We’re seriously hard-working on our upcoming gigs, on our first full-length album and.. well, on a few several other cool things that we’re eager to show you ! :-)

Stay tuned !