Between March 2013 and October 2013, Martin crafted and published online five instrumental pieces inspired by his Scandinavian melodic death metal heroes. Song after song, feedbacks became more and more intense, and quickly reached tens of thousands of views and hundreds of enthusiastic and encouraging messages. Feeling that his work was taking on a new dimension, Martin decided to give it a name in January 2014 : Aephanemer.
It is under this name that the first EP of the project, Know Thyself, was forged from the songs composed up until then. On this occasion, Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity) took care of the album design and Maciej Dawidek (Widek) handled the audio production at Nova Studio.

Know Thyself aroused considerable interest from both specialized press and amateurs of metal. In less than a year since its release, it was reviewed about twenty times and more than 200 disks were acquired by metal fans all over the world. On the internet, Know Thyself music cumulated all together 300.000 YouTube views.
Quickly after the release, Martin looked for loyal mates to form a full band and reinforce the project’s structure: Anthony, Marion and Mickaël joined Aephanemer and brought their unique style and skills to the band. At the same time, Martin started composing the Aephanemer debut album.

The band played a series of live shows all across France, which provided many opportunities to meet and share great moments with some of their best supporters. This playing spree ended with a triumphant show at Rock Metal Camp Fest in May 2016 in front of five hundred headbanging metal enthusiasts driven by the band’s melodies and stage presence.
Between January 2016 and May 2016, the Aephanemer debut album called Memento Mori has been recorded at Martin’s home-studio and Studio Experiences in Toulouse. Once again, Aephanemer benefited from the design and audio production expertise of Niklas Sundin and Maciej Dawidek.

Released on September 16th 2016, Memento Mori fullfilled the strong expectations of their active and fast-growing fanbase and generated important interest from specialized press. This first full-length allowed Aephanemer to establish themselves as one of the most serious newcomers of the Melodic Death Metal scene.