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Oct 13 2017

New single released!

Our new single ‘Path of the Wolf‘ is available now!
Thank you for your awesome support, we hope you’ll enjoy it :-)

Download the high-quality track:
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Music – Martin Hamiche
Lyrics – Marion Bascoul

Recording (vocals) – Brett Caldas-Lima (Tower Studio)
Mixing – Dan Swanö (Unisound AB)
Mastering – Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studios)
Artwork – Mickaël Bonnevialle

Dear friends, we are very glad to reveal the cover of our upcoming single ‘Path of the Wolf’, to be released on October 13th!

Many among you asked us to release our songs from Know Thyself with vocals, and we wanted to try new production processes to prepare our next album.
We decided to record « Path of the Wolf » completely once again – with vocals – and asked the best audio engineers we know to handle the production. We hope you will love this track :-)

Recording (Vocals) : Brett Caldas-Lima/Tower Studio
Mixing : Dan Swanö/Unisound AB
Mastering : Mika Jussila/Finnvox Studios
Artwork : Mickaël Bonnevialle

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Hello Wolves!

We are very glad to introduce you Lucie, our new epic bass player :-)
Please give her a warm welcome!

Hello Wolves!

We are very glad to share with you our new music video!
As you can see, the video has been recorded during one of our shows, which was our album release show in Toulouse. We had great playing conditions that night (venue, audience, lights) and it would have been a shame to not record it!

We are now waiting your feedbacks, please tell us what you think about it :-)

Hello Wolves!

We are very glad to share with you our new album ‘Memento Mori’, which is now available on full streaming!

We sincerely hope you will enjoy it!
If you do, feel free to post a comment or to share it to your friends :-)

You can order your physical copy (as well as epic tee-shirts) here and now :

Thank you for your support!
-Martin & Aephanemer